April 3 – 5, 2022

Why ILOE Studios?

ILOE Studios is focused on enhancing our industry through crafting an immersive market that creates business opportunities. We offer an experience that lends itself to a new, modern, and vibrant show built on both buyer and exhibitor feedback. This approach facilitates better exhibitor return on investment and building business relationships while ensuring that buyers experience the highest quality selections.


We find our inspiration from collaborating with our community. ILOE Studios’ environment allows you to showcase your collection to an audience that aligns with your creative outlook and aesthetic. Take advantage of a platform that inspires others to lead the success of the industry.


Our incredibly supportive community allows you the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals with the same drive for success. Join us and build new relationships that lead to greater opportunities.


This experience is driven by creative, dedicated people, and we offer an opportunity for each of us to learn and enhance what we do. Our community is diverse and friendly, and we’re constantly collaborating on ideas and making sure everyone’s voice is heard.


This endeavor includes a more distinct and balanced show floor, new attendee amenities, and new technologies all meant to enhance the overall buying and shopping experience. People will be talking about this show, and we want them to be talking about you.

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