Meet the Team

Confidence in Leadership

Al | CEO

Al began his career in luxury outerwear back in 1979 when he followed his dream of building an international business from the ground up. In 2012, Al and Scott Bernstein-- friendly competitor--founded ILOE (International Luxury Outerwear Expo). Al’s love for family, people, and his community inspired him to try his hand at law enforcement. After twenty-three of service with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, he retired with the rank of Reserve Sergeant.

Jeff | Executive VP

Before joining the STUDIOS team in 2015, Jeff studied law at Chapman University. Today, Jeff wears many hats, but is primarily responsible for operations and leading the STUDIOS team to achieve their goals within the industry. He’s a member of the Florida Bar and co-owns a luxury apparel brand with his wife and parents. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys running, hiking, and visiting craft breweries.

Judy | Chief Financial Officer

Judy and Al met in 1984 and married one year later. While working two jobs, Judy studied nutrition at Cal State University. She saw the family business growing rapidly and decided her superior organizational skills would be very valuable to various aspects of the business. From student to controller, Judy has been a leader for more than 25 years. In that time she’s also found passions in her family, her German Sheperds, cooking, and gardening.

Charles | Experiential Manager

Before joining the ILOE Team in 2015, Charles was a Company Member of Odyssey Dance Theatre based in Salt Lake City, Utah. During his time with Odyssey, Charles toured in the United States and around the world performing in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Turkey. After making a gown for his sister as a homecoming gift from her trips abroad, Charles discovered his love of designing and constructing garments. In 2016 he graduated from the Fashion Institute of SLCC in Salt Lake City, with a degree in Fashion Design. Charles likes to spend his free time designing, sewing, and knitting.

Maria | Director of Retail Relations

Before joining the ILOE team in 2013, Maria studied international business at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011. She brought her background of experience in events and development to The STUDIOS, and as with most start-up companies, has worn many hats. She is currently working on the attendee experience and buyer relations. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, and cooking, although finding spare time is becoming harder due to her new favorite role as “mom.”

Sandy | Communications Director

Sandy is a brand builder, specifically in the luxury sector, crisis management, strategist and communications expert. With extensive knowledge in knowing how to get products to market, Sandy has an extensive network, values collaboration, and holds an expertise fueled with astuteness and know-how. Sandy approaches public relations strategically, developing comprehensive plans that include media outreach, messaging, social media and events that all drive towards the same goals of brand growth and awareness. Sandy enjoys daily yoga and good wine - though not together! Above all else, she is very devoted to her family.

Scott | Co-founder

Scott has been a member of the luxury outerwear community for over 35 years. He began as a resident buyer, working closely with both manufacturers and retail stores to bring the latest fashion in outerwear to market. Scott soon decided he wanted to captain his own ship and founded Rendezvous N.Y.--a cutting-edge-brand of high-end coats and accessories. Over the years, Al and Scott became friendly competitors and frequently exchanged ideas. Together, they identified the need to bring a Luxury Outerwear show to the United States. They put their entrepreneurial talents together and launched ILOE (International Luxury Outerwear Expo.) Scott is also the president of FUR NEW YORK and is very in tune with the pulse of the industry. He enjoys spending time with his family and consistently plays racquetball and practices yoga.