Women's Fashion Has
A New Home In Chicago
Recognizable, Fresh, & Different- Be a part of ILOE Studios' Crafted Markets

ILOE Studios Fashion Markets Building Chicago

ILOE Studios Fashion Markets is a growing hub in Chicago for the fashion industry, hosting interconnected events where global styling and brands intertwine on continental and regional levels. In this dynamic space, designers, brands, and retailers unite to explore, connect, and enhance their reach.


Luxury Outerwear

The world’s top luxury outerwear brands & producers to offer North America’s discerning buyers a fusion of timeless luxury and cutting-edge innovation.

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Modern Women's

Discover collections that effortlessly blend
sophistication with wearability & style, appealing to
customers who seek quality in every stitch.

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Young Contemporary

Discover a curated selection of young contemporary
products for your store, featuring categories such as trendy apparel, unique accessories, & innovative styles.

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