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ILOE Studios Fashion Markets Building Chicago

SAVE THE DATE OCTOBER 6th - 8th, 2024

ILOE Studios Fashion Markets is a growing hub in Chicago for the fashion industry, hosting interconnected events where global styling and brands intertwine on continental and regional levels. In this dynamic space, designers, brands, and retailers unite to explore, connect, and enhance their reach.

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Studio Wear

Modern Women's Apparel & Accessories

Studio Wear is a curated collection of modern women's apparel and accessories, uniting brands and retail buyers with fashion that blends trend-awareness and timeless style. Experience a marketplace designed to meet the needs of the modern woman—where versatility and quality meet to cater to her dynamic lifestyle.

Studio C


Studio C presents the full range of contemporary fashion, linking brands with retail buyers seeking distinctive, high-quality apparel and accessories. Defined by elevated, trend-forward designs, it offers a Chicago venue for discovering the latest trends and sophisticated styles that resonate with  today's dynamic woman. 


Luxury Outerwear

ILOE is the definitive North American marketplace for luxury outerwear, showcasing collections of fur, shealing, leather, and precious fiber outerwear and accessories. This market connects the world leading luxury outerwear brands from over ten countries with North American retail buyers, offering a continental platform to conduct business. 

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