Elevated experience meets opportunity

Elevated experience meets opportunity
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ILOE Studios is an expertly curated fashion experience catering directly to the better contemporary market. Founded by industry veterans in 2012, we craft our fashion events to maximize business opportunities and build a thriving community that serves our brands’ and retail buyers’ unique needs.

Our Mission

We put people first. That’s what drives our success. We are dedicated to enhancing our community by listening to the voices of other optimistic industry leaders. Together we will build a thriving and inspirational marketplace.

Our Shows

Las Vegas

Experience ILOE Studios’ expansion into Las Vegas during the February and August Fashion Weeks adjacent to WWIN. Discover our thriving better contemporary fashion community that offers personal attention and an expertly balanced market.


Chicago is where we got our start and we are now expanding our offerings to meet the needs of the better contemporary fashion community. We partner with some of the most talented visionaries in our industry to offer an inspiring and curated experience in a boutique setting.

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Call Us: 407-614-5768