Crafting the Next Scene in Chicago
Today, ILOE Studios is broadening its horizons, embracing the dynamic world of women’s apparel and accessories.

A Chapter in Chicago’s Fashion Narrative

Established in 2012, ILOE Studios has rapidly emerged as a distinguished name in luxury outerwear, carving out its place as an international destination in the heart of the United States. Our journey began with a commitment to showcase the finest in luxury outerwear, earning use recognition and acclaim within the global fashion community.

Our Mission

Showcase & Connect

Our mission is to empower and elevate our stakeholders - exhibitors, attendees, and the broader fashion industry. We provide exhibitors with a premier platform to showcase their luxury and contemporary collections, while offering attendees a curated experience of discovery and inspiration.

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Hang With These Top Brands

  • Premier Platform for Stakeholders

    Establish ILOE Studios as the foremost platform for luxury outerwear and women's fashion, where exhibitors and attendees can thrive and succeed.

  • Catalyst for Industry Advancement

    Drive innovation and sustainability in the fashion trade show industry, setting new standards that benefit all stakeholders.

  • Community and Connection Builder

    Create a vibrant community within the fashion industry, fostering strong relationships and collaborative opportunities for our exhibitors, attendees, and partners.

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Our Vision


At ILOE Studios, our commitment to shaping a future that elevates our stakeholders and transforms the fashion industry is reflected in our core vision. We strive to be a catalyst for innovation and growth, setting new standards in the fashion trade show landscape. 

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